Jiuzhai Valley has a subtropical to temperate monsoon climate. Valleys are warm and dry, the middle mountain slopes cold and damp. At Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall & visitor centre at an altitude of 2,400m (7,875 feet) the mean temperature is 7.3ºC, the mean January temperature is -3.7ºC and the mean July temperature is 16.8ºC. Although the official temperatures are not too high, summer temeratures often reach 30ºC.

        The total annual rainfall is 761mm but in the cloud forest between 2,700m and 3,500m it is at least 1,000mm. 80% of the rain falls between May and October as the monsoon moves up in the valley giving mild, cloudy, moderately humid summers. Above 3,500m the climate is colder and drier. Snow falls vary but usually falls between October and April with December to February receiving the heaviest falls.

Monthly precipitation totals are: 

January 15mm
February 24mm
March 36mm
April 43mm
May 87mm 
June 96mm
July 104mm
August 82mm
September 86mm
October 54mm
November 26mm
December 18mm