Jiuzhai Valley National Park has been winning over 30 years’ attraction and honor by its magic water sceneries and Kast landscape. However, the pink spring of the park might not that famous comparing with its summer, autumn and winter sceneries, and is still waiting for more people to explore.

        Amygdalus tangutlca, called ‘wild peach tree’ by local people in Jiuzhai Valley, blooming in late March and Early April. If you come to Jiuzhai Valley during its flowering season, you will enjoy its romantic and fragrant embrace along the crystal and colorful river and lakes. As a special local plant of southwest Sichuan Province and south Gansu Province, the wild peach tree is a kind of small shrub with long and open brunches, normally grows on the slopes facing the sun or along rivers, within the altitude of 1500 to 2500 meters. Its flowers are normally in light pink color and are smaller than most peach flowers. The best locations for seeing the wild peach flowers are along the Shuzheng Valley in the park, mainly from Reed Lake to Shuzheng Lakes, and the riverside and eco-plaza outside the park entrance.

        If you are planning to visit Jiuzhai Valley in the near future before middle April, you will be lucky enough to experience the stunning short pink season of the park, where the pink trees and the colorful waters set off one another, making an unforgettable peaceful and vivid picture.