On May 21st, Lunar April 15th, residents from and around Jiuzhai Valley gathered together to celebrate the annual Mazhi Culture Festival at Zharu Temple in the park. People wear beautiful holiday costumes, bringing Tibetan Longda, Thangka, joss sticks and candles to join the grand meeting. 

        Mazhi Culture Festival is one of the most important local Tibetan culture activity to educate people about morality and etiquette, and to pray for the the safety, health, and happiness for all. Each year, monks from Zharu Temple starts to prepare for the Festival one month in advance. 

        The festival usually lasts for nine days, with various religious and cultural activities being hold in the temple and on the nearby sacred mountains. From Lunar April 8th, senior monks started chanting and praying until Lunar April 14th. And on Lunar April 15th, the temple hold public sacrificing and benediction ceremony, with Tibetan drama and other religious shows performed. While on Lunar April 16th,  a celebration ceremony was hold to end the whole festival.