Water is the spirit of Jiuzhai Valley. There are 114 individual Lakes in the park that span over 1,000m in Read More


There are 5 major waterfalls and numerous smaller waterfalls throughout the park. The Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall is the widest Read More


Forests cover more than half of the scenic area and much of the area not covered is above the tree Read More

Tibetan Culture

The local people still hold onto many of their traditional customs and culture. Local food and drink traditionally include barley, Read More

Frozen Waterfalls

The main attraction of the “Winter Wonderland” scenery is the magnificent, frozen waterfalls, in particular the Pearl Shoals and Nuo Read More
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"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."— Edmund Burke


To protect this site of great natural beauty and sustain it for the enjoyment of many future generations please follow these guidelines.


1、Everyone is responsible for fire control. No fires or smoking are allowed within the park. No flammable or explosive objects are allowed within in the park. Visitors are requested to encourage others to follow these rules also and notify park staff of any potential dangers.

2、Everyone is responsible for protecting all natural life in the park. Do not stray from the designated walking trails, trample on grass, climb trees, pick flowers or break twigs or branches etc.

3、Please do not attempt to touch travertine or other water life. These grow approximately 0.1mm per year and one step or touch by just one visitor could set the natural process back by many years. Others imitating your actions could result in thousands of years of damage.

4、Put all litter in one of the many dustbins provided throughout the park. This includes fruit peels which although are naturally biodegradable are not part of Jiuzhai Valley’s eco-system.

5、Do not attempt to feed or catch any fish, birds, insects or other wildlife.

6、Remember at all times that you are in a wildlife reserve. Be sensitive to your surroundings and try to limit the disturbance of the parks animal residents. They have been here for a lot longer than you have. They don’t want to hear you shouting!

7、Respect the local people who have been living here for generations. If you would like to take their photo have the good manners to ask their permission first and respect their wishes.

8、Be environmentally conscious outside of the park also. Turn off lights when not required, use heating and air conditioning sparingly, limit water usage, only have hotel towels washed when necessary, do not beep your car horn excessively or request that your driver does not.

9、Carry and use a guide book for information on the various sites and wildlife you may encounter.

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