Water is the spirit of Jiuzhai Valley. There are 114 individual Lakes in the park that span over 1,000m in Read More


There are 5 major waterfalls and numerous smaller waterfalls throughout the park. The Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall is the widest Read More


Forests cover more than half of the scenic area and much of the area not covered is above the tree Read More

Tibetan Culture

The local people still hold onto many of their traditional customs and culture. Local food and drink traditionally include barley, Read More

Frozen Waterfalls

The main attraction of the “Winter Wonderland” scenery is the magnificent, frozen waterfalls, in particular the Pearl Shoals and Nuo Read More
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        On April 21 to 22, Exchange Meeting on Science Popularization for Environmental Protection & Symposium on National Science Popularization Base for Environmental Protection was hold by Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences at Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. 180 representatives, including leaders from Ministry of Environmental Protection of PRC, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, and Chinese Academy of Science, and delegates from provincial environmental protection departments, provincial environmental sciences societies, national science popularization bases for environmental protection and related institutions attended the meeting. 

        During the meeting, Jiuzhai Valley National Park was awarded as National Science Popularization Base for Environmental Protection. National science popularization bases for environmental protection are institutions for popularizing science knowledge on environmental protection and improving the whole society’s environmental awareness and accomplishments. They are also demonstrations for science popularization in a knowledgeable, scientific and interesting way. Since the system of National Science Popularization Base for Environmental Protection was set up by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Science and Technology, only 34 institutions have been awarded this title. 

        In recent years, Jiuzhai Valley National Park has organized a series of science popularization activities for environmental protection, mainly on the important days including World Earth Day, International Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day, and National Science Popularization Day. Academic forums on environmental protection such as Cross-strait Environment and Smart Park Seminar has been hold by the park. Also, the park has edited and printed science popularization books including Jiuzhai Valley National Park Eco-tour Guidebook. All the above work has strengthened the achievement of science popularization for environmental protection. 

        In the future, the park will strictly follow the requirements for science popularization base establishment, The Guidelines and Action Plan for Scientific Attainment for All People, and The 13th Five-Year Plan of National Science Popularization for Environmental Protection, to further perfect the base facilities and software, improve the personnel quality, increase activities, create education ways, and promote base development of science popularization for environmental protection.