Water is the spirit of Jiuzhai Valley. There are 114 individual Lakes in the park that span over 1,000m in Read More


There are 5 major waterfalls and numerous smaller waterfalls throughout the park. The Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall is the widest Read More


Forests cover more than half of the scenic area and much of the area not covered is above the tree Read More

Tibetan Culture

The local people still hold onto many of their traditional customs and culture. Local food and drink traditionally include barley, Read More

Frozen Waterfalls

The main attraction of the “Winter Wonderland” scenery is the magnificent, frozen waterfalls, in particular the Pearl Shoals and Nuo Read More
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泽仁达吉Mr. Ze Ren Da Ji


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Jiuzhai National Park Administration

Sichuan Jiuzhai Valley Tourism and Cultural Industries Development CO., LTD

Part. 1  Introduction


Zharu Valley, one branch of Jiuzhai National Park, locates in the northeast.


Zharu valley have abundant resources of flora and fauna, 3634 types,

Including 67 kinds national rare plants, 

18 kinds endangered conservative plants,

47 kinds national animal;

the environment in zharu Valley is fresh and quite due to large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air which reachs to about 18,400 percu. cm

(Tibetan Family)

(Zharu Temple)

(Water Prayer Wheel)

(Rhododendron przewalskii)


(Buddleja albiflora)

(Listera puberula)

(Gypripedium guttatum)

(Gypripedium palangshanense)

(Nadi Pagoda)

(Golden Monkey  /  Rhinopithecus roxellana)


Rexi village, a new village maintains Tibetan construction feature and its lifestyle


Part. 2  Selling Point

Ecological path—one day trip:experiencing both cultural and ecological Zharu Valley

Upstream Route–- two day trip: experiencing overnight camp in the valley and traditional Tibetan meal

Mountain Circumambulation Route– three day trip: experiencing one of the oldest Holy pilgrimage

Bicycle Path:Tibetan culture and Low-carbon Green trip 



 Mountain Circumambulation Route– three day trip

Ecological path—one day trip

Ranwugulang– Sea of Flowers

Tibetan House in Rexi village

abundant resources of plants along the way 

Upstream Route:


Special Tibetan Food

Dere Camping Site


Mountain Circumambulation Route– three day trip

Sea of Clouds

Pilgrimage to the mountain top

Elevation 4000m

religious belief

Cuoye Camp Site


Looking forward for your coming and enjoying biking in Zharu Valley of Jiuzhai National park

A closer observation with our guide

Guide Service

Explanation of local plants by the guide

On the way back

三、Future Plan

arrange conference and corporate dinner

arrange outdoor activities and summer camp

promote the interest of locals, develop horse riding program.


corporate dinner

outdoor activities

on the way


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